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Enable a fully-functional Office Environment
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Office Information Technology products that go the extra mile to progress your business activities, uninterruptedly.
Unforeseen downtime in your office environment due to technology lapses causes unnecessary disturbance to business activities, staff’s motivation level and also affects the bottom line. Office & More Business Solutions Ltd. has a wide range of genuine products and premium branded range with 100% Quality Assurance. If you're looking to harness the latest high-tech innovations for your office IT, drop in to our store or send us your enquiry.
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Office Stationery carries an effect of setting the Right Corporate Image.
Your Office Stationery serves the purpose of presenting your company / business in a positive and professional style. Office Stationery essentially connects a company/business with its employees, stakeholders, and potential clients. Office & More Business Solutions Ltd. has everything that a professional company needs. Drop in to our store or send us your enquiry.
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Let your Office Furniture appeal get a head-start over the competition.
Choosing your Office Furniture is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your business premises. Whether you are fitting a new office, expanding your existing office or refurbishing your current one judicious selection will create an efficient, and visually appealing environment for you, your employees and your clients. Office & More Business Solutions Ltd. offers the widest range of office furniture, from chairs and desks to storage facilities and lounge furniture. Stylish yet functional, each piece is carefully selected by our in-house merchandisers to deliver the maximum visual appeal and comfort.
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Other Office Essentials reflect the basic/mandatory professional impression that you create for your offices.
A small office or a big office - a foundationally strong office always must have a list of other essentials such as desk supplies, files, paper, software, time tracking, and planning, supplies for hanging, etc.
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