•  Qi-certified charger delivers charge to your phone wireless.
  •  10 watt output for fast charging.
  •  Stylish and portable design.
  •  Soft charging pad prevents scratching and slipping

10W Wireless Charging Base Wireless
Charging Pad is the perfect charger for the cord-tired user device. Compatible with any compatible Qi device, Wireless Charging Pad offers worry-free fast charging when and where you need it-without the cables.

10 Watts of Fast Charging Power
think that wireless charging has to be slow? think again. The Wireless Charging Base safely and easily recharges your Qi-compatible devices up to 2X faster than the standard 5W wireless chargers.

Effortlessly Charging Every Time To Charge
Your Qi-compatible Device With The Wireless Charging Pad, all you have to do is sit your phone on the no-scratch, felted platform. than it. no ropes, no traffic jams, no fuss.

LED Charging Indicators
with Wireless Charging Pad, you will always know when your phone is successfully charging. Dynamic LED lights let you know when you have a good charge connection and your phone gets the strong charge it needs.

Compatible with Any Qi Compatible Device
Wireless Charging Pad features the universal Qi wireless charging standard. This means your pad will successfully charge any of the Qi-enabled devices on the market. include the iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X

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